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Volkmann Retractor Blunt


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Volkmann Retractor Blunt



A Joint Venture Accumulation of Experience and Knowledge Are Our Best Credentials, And This Allows Us to Continue Contributing Best Quality Instruments to The Veterinary Market.

We Offer a Comprehensive Portfolio of Small Animal and Big Animal Surgical, Dental & Framing Instrumentation in Two Different Qualities.


 VS & VT



Vettrix VS Series is OR grade high-end quality instruments made by Germany Stainless Steel by master Craftsmanship



Vettrix VT Series is Economic grade of good quality instruments made of Stainless Steel, functionally tested. Rust-free guaranteed.




At VETTRIX we offer the best solution for every necessity, making us much more than just a supplier of high-precision instruments. We are a team that listens to our clients and adds value to every challenge.



Vettrix Supplies Inc. Warranties all its instruments against poor craftsmanship and materials. Any products found defective will be repaired or replaced free of charge. This warranty does not cover any defective products through misuse, negligence, or mishandling.



Vettrix Supplies Inc.

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